Surface Water

For every stage in your operation’s life cycle.

AQ2’s team have extensive experience in surface water assessments and designs for a range of applications, including:

  • Environmental surface water impact assessments.
  • Flood assessment studies.
  • Surface water management infrastructure design.
  • Water balance modelling.
  • Hydrology studies to define catchments and estimate flood rates and volumes.
  • Hydraulics to convert flood rates to flood levels, and to design flood protection and diversion infrastructure.
  • Engineering design of flood protection infrastructure from Concept (Identification) level design to Detailed (Definition) level design.
  • Environmental impact assessments of developments on surface water systems 1D and 2D modelling of surface water systems.
  • Surface water supply reliability assessments.
  • Water balance modelling as a tool for risk assessments, infrastructure sizing assessments and volumetric flood assessments.
  • Surface water pump-out system sizing and designs.
  • Sedimentation basin sizing and designs.
  • Specialist input such as technical and feasibility studies, impact assessment, regulatory compliance and licencing.

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