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Periodic compliance reporting is one of the conditions of many groundwater abstraction licences. Typically, compliance reports include the volume of groundwater abstracted, the effect on groundwater levels, groundwater quality and a comparison against licensed conditions. In Western Australia, reporting requirements are outlined in the Department of Water’s Operational Policy No.5.12 and can also be called Wellfield Assessments, Annual Aquifer Reviews and Groundwater Monitoring Reports.

The team at AQ2 have helped clients large and small with their compliance reporting on hydro-environmental impact. We have developed an efficient methodology and can tailor our reports to the specific requirements of each jurisdiction. We work with our clients to determine whether the available data will support an operational review and whether it will add value to their project. Typically, where a groundwater monitoring review incorporates an operational focus, separate reports are produced – one focused on compliance and the second an internal document for operations staff.


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