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In 1998, the team at AQ2 were part of a group that established another boutique water resources consultancy in Perth, Western Australia. The underpinning aims of that business were similar to those of AQ2 – to provide cost-effective and practical solutions for water resources management in the resources industry. That business was successful, and by the time it was acquired by a multinational in 2010, it had grown to over 100 people with offices in Australia, North Asia and Europe.

Since forming in 2013, AQ2 has helped clients manage increasingly complex water management challenges. Many operations now reach below the water table and require dewatering and depressurisation. The concept of cumulative impact increasingly means the combined effects of multiple mines in one catchment. The need for a make-up water supply is often replaced with the more complex need to manage excess water produced from dewatering.


Our mission is to provide the resources industry with high-quality solutions for groundwater and surface water management. We will offer professional technical services and applied solutions that deliver practical, sustainable insights.


As a purpose-led business AQ2 is committed to living our values. Our values include the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Satisfaction
  • Wellbeing
  • Success


Our vision is to be an independent, boutique consultancy recognised in the resources industry internationally. We deliver highly specialised solutions for groundwater and surface water management for clients throughout the world.

Why we are different

AQ2 is an independent mining water management consultancy based in Western Australia. As a small and independent consultancy, we offer our expertise without the cross-selling associated with larger multi-disciplinary consultancies.

We provide technical services and applied solutions for groundwater and surface water management. Our people and associates have an impeccable pedigree with insights gained from working on international resources projects. Our expertise is delivered in a boutique manner through small teams led by subject matter experts.

Specialist hydro-technical solutions

Our clients typically choose AQ2 to deliver highly complex and technical work that requires the insights of experienced subject matter experts. Over our time in the resources industry, we have developed a deep knowledge that has delivered considerable value to our resources clients.

A flexible approach

AQ2 was founded on delivering specialist advice to resources companies large and small. Our flexibility is a function of our team structure. Our core internal teams partner with external associates possessing proven complementary skills based on the requirements of each project.

An experienced partner to mining

After decades of operating in one of the most highly regulated jurisdictions in the world, we understand the acceptable risks that apply at each stage of an operation’s life cycle. Our relationships rest on our ability to balance results with design, regulatory, economic and environmental risk factors.

Value-for-money pricing

AQ2 looks for value-creation whenever we develop solutions for our clients. We do this by focusing on practical outcomes that keep costs low and achieve the right level of certainty. As a boutique firm, our clients avoid paying for costly overheads often associated with larger consulting practices.

Our business model

We are employee-owned with a vested interest in providing practical, cost-effective and flexible solutions to our client’s problems. AQ2 has an efficient management structure that supports teams made up of internal professionals and external associates. Our associates possess complementary skills in environmental science, soil science and specialist engineering. They work to the same high technical standards and client outcomes focus.

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Our leadership team

Our leaders have extensive expertise and an impeccable pedigree gained from working on a wide range of projects throughout the world.

Duncan Storey
Founding Director and Consulting Hydrogeologist
Emma Bolton
Consulting Hydrogeologist
Kathryn Rozlapa
Consulting Modeller and Hydrogeologist
Mark Nicholls
Consulting Water Resources Engineer

Internationally experienced

AQ2 has worked extensively across Australia. We have a comprehensive client base in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Tasmania. We also have international experience working throughout the world. Successful projects have been delivered in Russia, the United Kingdom, Kosovo, Tanzania, Mozambique, Mali, Namibia, Argentina and the United States.

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