Water Supply

For every stage in your operation’s life cycle.

AQ2 staff have expertise in the exploration and development of groundwater resources for mine water supply.  Our experience spans small projects using a single bore, to large water supply projects requiring large borefield developments.

We have experience in a range of hydrogeological environments including arid and mesic climates, for sedimentary, fractured rock and paleochannel aquifers.

Our services span the following areas:

  • Preliminary evaluation and conceptual designs for potential groundwater developments in a range of hydrogeological environments.
  • Design and supervision of field investigations including geophysical, drilling and pumping-test programmes.
  • Detailed analysis supporting the development of conceptual and numerical models to predict borefield and regional aquifer performance.
  • Engineering design of water supply infrastructure.
  • Specialist input such as technical and feasibility studies, impact assessment, regulatory compliance and licencing.


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