Groundwater Resources

For every stage in your operation’s life cycle.

AQ2 staff have experience in both the development and operational stages of groundwater supply projects for potable use, from single bore supplies to large borefields. The aspects that we can assist you with include:

  • Desktop study assessments of groundwater supply potential, drilling options and preliminary costing.
  • Geophysical surveys to pinpoint drilling locations.
  • Application of approvals to drill (26D from Department of Water).
  • Control of exploration and production bore drilling and design of production and monitoring bores.
  • Control of aquifer tests to assist with aquifer characterisation.
  • Assessment of sustainable yields for bore pumping.
  • Sample collection and analysis of water chemistry.
  • Evaluation (including numerical modelling, where necessary) of the impacts of abstraction on the adjacent environment (other users, wetlands, groundwater dependant ecosystems, acid sulphate soils, etc).
  • Pumping/pipeline/reservoir design.
  • Aquifer storage and recovery assessments.
  • Reporting in support of 5C water use applications (to Department of Water), following Operational policy no. 5.12 – Hydrogeological reporting associated with a groundwater well licence.
  • Reporting to cover water source protection, of both wellhead protection zones and reservoir protection zones.
  • Reporting on Operating Strategies, including monitoring protocols and bore abstraction management plans.
  • Compliance reporting and the assessment of Deployable Output.

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